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  • Pxmart

  • Carrefour

  • RT-Mart

  • Wellcome

  • JASONS Market Place

  • Pchome

  • momo

  • Yahoo


  • Union Rice Co., Ltd.

  • “Kourin” Japanese restaurant

  • “Jia Fu Za Liang Hang” Grain Shop

  • “Hui Tai Za Liang Hang” Grain Shop

  • “Tai Shun Za Liang Hang” Grain Shop

  • “Cheng Tai Za Liang Hang” Grain Shop

  • “Jing Yong Fa Za Liang Hang” Grain Shop

  • “Si Hang Cang Ku Liang Shi Shang Hang” Grain Shop

  • Tai Cheng Hang

  • Da Mao Hang

  • De Xing

  • “Hong Sheng Liang Shi Hang” Grain Shop

  • “Zuo Lin You She” Fast food restaurant

  • “Qing Cheng” Food company

  • Xin Yi Hang

  • “Mao Song Mi Hang” Rice shop

  • “Jin Yi Gan Zai dian” Fruit shop

  • “Hui Jing Wang Za Gu Shang Hang” Grain Shop

  • “Jia He Xing Za Liang” Grain Shop


  • 日本第一大米

  • 和米之華

Founded in 1882, Kitoku Shinryo enjoys a long history. The company is an established wholesale merchandising firm which has been dealing with rice for over 130 years. The firm’s shares have been listed on JASDAQ (now JASDAQ Securities Exchange) since 2001. As a major Japanese firm, Kitoku Shinryo handles over 400,000 tons of rice annually, distributing across Japan as well as the globe.

image description The founder
Tokubei Kimura, the second
image description