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Japanese Rice

What is WA RICE

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Each puffy kernel of freshly-cooked rice has a glossy shine and luster, and a pure white color reminiscent of powdered snow, features which work to stimulate the appetite.


When you open the rice cooker lid, a faint aroma from the freshly-cooked rice wafts through the air and delivers a feeling of comfort. The faint aroma never overpowers, never clashes with other components of the meal. In other words, rice simply harmonize well with all sorts of dishes.


As you take a bite of rice, you’ll notice that the rice doesn’t feel overly sticky or chewy. The texture feels smooth on the tongue, while allowing you to enjoy a tender yet sufficiently sturdy consistency.


Rice stickiness enables perfect shaping into onigiri rice balls or sushi. The springy texture is delightful, and the delicious taste holds true even when the rice cools.


The more you chew, the more the sweetness and umami expand across the palate. Savor the delicious taste of this homegrown Japanese rice by taking time to chew and enjoy each bite thoroughly.

WA RICE is devotedly grown in Japan by craftsmen who imbue it with the time-honored spirit of “WA” (“harmony”). The shine and luster of freshly-cooked Japanese-grown rice creates a visual enjoyment, the comforting delicate aroma delights the sense of smell, a tactile pleasure emerges from the stickiness and soft texture of the rice on the palate.

Finally, your taste buds are stimulated by the sweetness and umami which expands throughout your mouth as you chew. As freshly-cooked rice appeals to the essential human senses of sight, smell, touch, and taste, enjoying rice on its own generates an ample taste treat.

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Founded in 1882, Kitoku Shinryo enjoys a long history. The company is an established wholesale merchandising firm which has been dealing with rice for over 130 years. The firm’s shares have been listed on JASDAQ (now JASDAQ Securities Exchange) since 2001. As a major Japanese firm, Kitoku Shinryo handles over 400,000 tons of rice annually, distributing across Japan as well as the globe.

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Tokubei Kimura, the second
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  • Import and export

    Kitoku Shinryo imports a considerable amount of rice into Japan while exporting Japanese rice to many nations worldwide. Overseas group companies include Angimex-Kitoku Limited Company (Vietnam), Kitoku America Inc. (USA), Kitoku Thailand Ltd. (Thailand), Kitoku (Dalian) Trading Co., Ltd. (China), and Taiwan Kitoku Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), forming an international network. Kitoku Shinryo also sells Japanese rice in several countries through links with influential local firms.

  • The reason behind Kitoku Shinryo’s innumerable outstanding clients

    In Japan, major sales outlets include large-scale supermarkets, major nationwide restaurants chains, and notable department stores. Reliable high quality is the key component in major clients’ willingness to continue handling Kitoku Shinryo rice over many years. We supply only the best rice which has been sourced from the most outstanding production areas throughout Japan, milled with sophisticated equipment, and cleared through strict quality standards.

  • We stand by our product quality.

    Kitoku Shinryo has 5 branch offices and 6 rice milling and grinding factories in Japan; both the Okegawa (Saitama Prefecture) rice milling factory and the Niigata rice flour factory are FSSC22000 certified, while the other factories are moving toward certification meeting international control criteria.