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  • “Rinse Free” Niigata Koshihikari

    The most widely produced variety in Japan, this is the epitome of “delicious rice.” This top variety is characterized by a robust flavor and perfect stickiness.

  • “Rinse Free” Iwate Hitomebore

    This popular variety has a luster, moderate stickiness, and a light taste. Hitomebore rice—so beautiful and delicious, you’ll fall in love at first glance and at first taste. The superbly balanced taste is perfect for Japanese cuisine.

Founded in 1882, Kitoku Shinryo enjoys a long history. The company is an established wholesale merchandising firm which has been dealing with rice for over 130 years. The firm’s shares have been listed on JASDAQ (now JASDAQ Securities Exchange) since 2001. As a major Japanese firm, Kitoku Shinryo handles over 400,000 tons of rice annually, distributing across Japan as well as the globe.

image description The founder
Tokubei Kimura, the second
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