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  • Hitomebore from Miyagi Prefecture (Ishinomaki rice)

    This particular Hitomebore is grown in the northeastern part of Miyagi Prefecture. The growing region has a fertile alluvial plain fed by the Kyu-Kitakami and Naruse Rivers, resulting in ideally-located rice paddies. The Hitomebore variety has a moderate stickiness and a light taste which make it perfectly suited to a variety of dishes. The nitrogen gas packaging used for exporting rice over long distances maintains rice quality and prevents deterioration.

  • Ginga no Shizuku

    "Ginga no Shizuku" is created same timing as "Konjiki no Kaze". This is planted only for export use so quite reasonable to consider purchasing. Please try the Iwate "Gold" and "Silver" rice.

Founded in 1882, Kitoku Shinryo enjoys a long history. The company is an established wholesale merchandising firm which has been dealing with rice for over 130 years. The firm’s shares have been listed on JASDAQ (now JASDAQ Securities Exchange) since 2001. As a major Japanese firm, Kitoku Shinryo handles over 400,000 tons of rice annually, distributing across Japan as well as the globe.

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Tokubei Kimura, the second
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